Une Maitresse Classique



Welcome to My new website. Its still under construction so for now enjoy what's on it and there will always be something new added with time. Under which pictures of Me, pictures of the Fetish Suites, agenda updates, exclusive events and My wishlist. 


After a break of 3 years I am back in fetish-fantasy-world. Stronger, smarter and full of energy. To meet Me is a privilege and you have to earn it. My motto is quality over quantity and I love to spend My precious time at building a deep connection with you. I am a little bit interested in what you want but more important is what I want and what I like and if you think you are the right slave/sub to give Me what I want then you are welcome in one of My beautiful Fetish Suites across The Netherlands, Belgium, France and England. I am une Maitresse Classique which means I offer pure BDSM and nothing else. 


When I play with you I play the way I feel at that moment. It can be kind, strict, empathetic or not, soft, hard, forced, sensual or intens. I find it important to talk to each other about our wishes and desires. I always keep your boundaries in mind and like to play with them as well. As I mentioned before, its not just about what you want because you are with Me for My pleasure and My fun. 


In the upcoming year I will be available only 1 day per week or less as I have to finish My study so I can become a Psychologist or maybe an Alternative Psychologist who knows. My agenda will be updated regularly so I recommend you to take a look at it once in a while.